Aid station checkpoints & distances

The first manned aid station is at Happy Days Parking lot at the 5.2 miles with additional aid stations approximately every 3-4 miles thereafter.

To minimize waste from paper cups used at aid stations, runners are encouraged to carry a water bottle.

Aid station distances:

START at Pine Hollow
5.2 miles - Happy Days
8.4 miles - Happy Days
12.0 miles - Kendall Lake
15.7 miles - Pine Hollow (25k FINISH)

18.6 miles - Kendall Lake
20.9 miles - Happy Days
24.1 miles - Happy Days
27.7 miles - Kendall Lake
31.4 miles - Pine Hollow (50k FINISH)

Spectator viewing area: The Lake Trail detour routes near Pine Hollow START/FINISH area. Spectators will have a great view of the action at the 12.5 and 28.2 mile mark of the race.

Link to course map.