2012 reports and photos

Participant reports and photo albums compiled here.

Little Meadow start of the 2012 Fools Trail Run (Photo by Mark Shelton)

Initial report - Lloyd Thomas
Report - Kali Price
Report - Nick Billock
Report - Julie Curtis
Report - Jeff Vander Kooi

Photos - David Sboray
Photos - Greg Murray
Photos - Mark Shelton
Photos - Courtney Baker
Photos - Chris Fields
Photos - Glenn Dumonthier

If you have a report or album to share, please email: fools50k@gmail.com

Sarah Lopienski, right, and James Heun on the Ledges Trail (Photo by Greg Murray)

2012 Fools 50k winner Nathan Szabados, left, and Jason Dashow entering the Pine Grove trail (Photo by Courtney Baker)