Course Map - revised

(Revised March 15)

Below is the revised 2009 course map, which starts and finishes at Pine Hollow parking lot on Quick Road. This revised map includes a few changes to the old map due to the closure of (a portion of) the Lake Trail near the dam. The Lake Trail is closed until May and has caused a re-routing of the original course.

Long story short: The course will be well marked on race day. The revised course is an improvement that provides better flow, thus enhancing your Fools Run experience.

In essence, the order of the Cross Country and Salt Run Trails have been reversed. The race starts out towards Cross Country (via Little Meadow) and will finish with Salt Run. The Lake Trail detour routes around the east and south side of Kendall Lake in order to avoid the closed section. The rest of the Fools Run, north of Truxell Road, remains the same as previously shown on the map.

The Lake Trail detour: Do not cross any barricades on the Lake Trail. A portion of the Lake Trail is closed near the dam and is hazardous to cross. The Lake Trail detour begins at the south end of Kendall Lake, up the grass hill near Pine Hollow, and down the sledding hill to rejoin Salt Run.

Summary of course changes:
- The course starts towards the Cross Country Trail, via the path to Little Meadow
- At the end of Cross Country, turn right on Lake Trail towards Truxell Rd.
- After crossing Truxell Rd., the entire course north of Truxell remains the same as previous version of the course map
- Upon returning across Truxell Rd, turn left on Lake Trail and continue around east end of Kendall Lake (Aid station where Lake and Cross Country trails intersect)
- At the Lake Trail barricade, take detour towards sledding hill and reconnect to Salt Run
- The 25k course finishes with a counter-clockwise loop of Salt Run Trail
- Start/finish remains at Pine Hollow

The course will be well marked on race day. Color codes indicate the order of route.

See below for a table of course distances/checkpoints.

2009 Course

The color coding illustrates the route:

Start @ Pine Hollow

Leg 1, YELLOW:
- Path to Little Meadow
- Cross Country Trail
- Lake Trail
- Cross Truxell Rd.
- Connector to Ledges Trail
- Ledges Trail (west ½)
- Haskell Run

HAPPY DAYS AID STATION (North of Rte 303) - 5.2 miles

Leg 2, BLUE:
- Boston Run Trail (counterclockwise)


Leg 3, PURPLE:
- Haskell Run
- Ledges Trail (east ½)
- Pine Grove Trail (counter-clockwise)
- Connector to Kendall Lake
(cross Truxell Rd.)
- Lake Trail (east side)

KENDALL LAKE AID STATION (where Cross Country and Lake Trail intersects) - 12.0 miles

Leg 4, ORANGE:
- Lake Trail (south side)
- Lake Trail detour
- Salt Run Trail (counter-clockwise)

25k FINISH at Pine Hollow


Repeat entire course for 50k

Click map to download.

GPS track of course from March 15 training run:

Link to Aid station checkpoints & distances.