Waiting list info

The Fools Trail Run is SOLD OUT. At this time there are no spots available.

We appreciate your interest in the event. Many people have requested to be added to the waiting list. Based on interest so far, we anticipate 50 or more people on a waiting list for only a handful of possible spots.

If you are still interested in joining a waiting list for the Fools Trail Run, continue reading.

Conditions of joining the waiting list:

1. I agree that there is no guarantee to entry and understand that the odds of gaining entry are slim.

2. The Waiting List is a randomized process. Entry to the waiting list is open until February 17. At that time, all names will be randomized and the top 25 names will be prioritized and published. (Meaning: A drawing will be held after February 17 to determine priority. Everyone on the list has equal chance.)

3. On March 1, the waiting list will be processed for available spots and the entry list will be made final. If space is available, those at the top of the waiting list will be notified and given access to entry. No other spots will be available after March 1.

If you wish to add your name to the waiting list, follow the link below.

Thank you for your support.

Join the waiting list (until February 17.)